Svanesang for Sangsikaden

MA project

There are more than 3000 endangered species within the borders of the city of Oslo. These patterns try to capture a few of them and prove that my neighbourhood is a lot more exotic than most of us would believe. At the same time this project is environmentally concious all the way through. Materials are organic cotton, silk and hemp. There has been no use of dyestuffs with heavy-metals. Some items are hand-dyed with plant dyes that grow in the northern climate. The entire collection is so clean it can be composted and go back into the natures cycle.
Model: Ann, Photo of model:J. Chr. Hansen. Photo of insects: K. Sund, University of Oslo, NHM. Photoes of plants: T. Røberg, Norsk Naturarv.

fashion textiles, eco-fashion and slow fashion